About Us

We are a small husband-wife business, operated by us and our lovely assistants: 2 kiddos and 5 dogs. (The dogs' position is primarily moral support, as well as our delivery detection system).

If you are new to our new shop, we have been sellers on the well know creator's community of Etsy for 7 years. We have sold over a thousand of our lighting designs and continue to have a large client base and following. Our lights are all over the world and in many well known Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and a few movies too. We have never been able to curb our appetite for creating or designing or painting or just about anything that involves the making of stuff. So here we are, and loving it!

Our designs are inspired by anything that we dream up or intrigues us. Mostly Boat and Barn style decor. The fun part is being able to make a design, make it better, and then make it affordable. We love trees, and we know money doesn't grow on them. (Someone really needs to design one of those...)